As I sit here in the studio by myself … I ponder..

July 18, 2013
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July 18-2013: As I sit here in the studio by myself … I ponder..

As I sit here in the studio by myself for the first time in two days
at 10:43 July 18-2013
I ponder…It’s been a whirlwind of video shooting , people, makeup, hair,wardrobe, and everything else in between.
It’s been a crazy two days of fun excitement time restraints scheduling trying to eat and drink
And of course jokes and fun.
Reflecting on the fun – I got so tired to it’s after  the 12th hour I
started singling my rendition of Janis Joplin’s ” lord won’t you buy me
a Mercedes Benz”
Along with pretending to be Deepak Chopra ( voice and all)
Oh and being told I look like Hillary Clinton in one shot..
There were cool moments like when today I was talking and teaching in
a video about how it’s okay to be skeptical of intuitive’s – especially
if you haven’t been raised with one like my children
And after that shot when I looked at my phone my 20 year old daughter
sent me a picture of a winery she had just been to that had a huge
pure quartz crystal in the ceiling and knew I would think that was
It was more cool that we were in sync and talking about wax other near
the same time
Yesterday seems like a blue bit in thinking about it it was amazing we
shot over 15 different types of massage with some very cool
volunteered models . There was a moment with each of them that made me
feel more connected and grateful for this gift I have and its ability
to reach others
I realized tonight after all said and done that I never talked about
love in any of the 50 videos or so we shoot in two days.. But if you
take all the info and the intentions and all that I tried to impart
over these last 48 hours
It was that – I really just want to share with the world how glorious
and loving it can feel to take care of yourself, be yourself, feel
what it’s like to love yourself enough to take the time and yea money
to get to know yourself thru deep connection of massage.
Yesterday in a video shoot I was able to tap in and tell one of the
models she will be receiving some money and today in showing the
Shiradira technique both I and the model had a real moment of story
and profound healing even though the room was full of hot white bright
lights and people all around
It was by far one of the most powerful Shiradira experiences I have
seen for a client
Last night for the event  photo shoot I loves or a women just “
happened” to come by that’s been wanting to pick up some oils from us
forever and happened to be at the door the same time we were setting
up for a self-care night
Loved it!!!
Really felt like lots if big and mini miracles and “meant to be’s”
happened at this shoot
All these wonderful little miracles
Made this all seem like a journey and an expansion of myself and the
power of this wonderful little healing studio that soapy of us call
Hahaha even some of our clients do too


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